Why Wineries Should Include Video In Their Marketing Toolkit with Diane Strand

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Diane Strand is the President and Producer of JDS Video and Media Productions, an award-winning full-service multimedia solutions company providing services in forms including video, corporate web packages, graphic design, web design and implementation, and more.

Diane has an expansive career in both theatre and television producing, working on sitcoms, reality television, and as a producer for The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios among many other roles. Diane is also the Founder of JDS Creative Academy and JDS Actors Studio and produces a news magazine TV show titled Spirit of Innovation.

In this episode with Diane Strand...

Are you a winery looking to branch out your marketing strategies? How can you utilize a more dynamic and unique tool to make your brand visible to a wider audience? Video might be your answer, and Diane Strand is the person to talk to.

Diane has over 23 years of experience in video production, working on both the stage and screen for projects like General Hospital and Friends. She founded JDS Video and Media Productions in 2003 and has been helping brands create meaningful videos to enhance their marketing efforts ever since. She’s here to tell you all about the benefits of video — and how your winery can use it too.

On this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Hendricks has a conversation with President and Producer of JDS Video and Media Productions, Diane Strand, all about video as a marketing tool. They discuss how wineries can incorporate video, how to find the right production company, advice on video production, and much more. Stay tuned!

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