COLD CASE: The Keddie Cabin Murders

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The Buried Sisters are joined by a guest as they go over all the details and evidence of the murders that took place in 1979 at the Keddie Resort. This tragic case involves a gruesome scene of multiple murders, three boys unaware of the murders occurring a room away, a missing little girl, a grave full of evidence linking directly to suspects, conspiracies of corruption in the town and resulted in a cold case that has just recently been reopened. If you're not paranoid after this one, you might be buried.

The Buried Sisters: A True Crime Podcast

Hosted by Irene and Kiki

Produced by DED Candy

This show contains graphic descriptions not for the faint of heart

The Buried Sisters: A True Crime Podcast is not for the faint of heart. These two sisters will “dig” deep to provide the listener...or shall we say their “Gravediggers” with all the gritty details of the world’s most sinister, morbid true crime cases. While Irene is our true crime enthusiast and researcher, Kiki offers a balance of paranoia, uncanny conversations and comic relief. Join the sisters as they journey through the suspense, darkness and psychological thrill of true crime.

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“Remember Gravediggers, Stay Paranoid…or Be Buried!”

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