Where Quantum Computing and Creativity Combine - With Carmen Recio Valcarce at IBM Research

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In this episode we meet the inspiring Quantum Computing Innovator, Mathematician and Artist - more on that in our discussion! - Carmen Recio Valcarce from IBM Research. A pioneering leader in the Quantum space, Carmen shares experiences on what has made a difference in her career to date, from mentorship, relatable role models and community, to ‘having your plan’ and cultivating holistic skills, from creativity to empathy. The time is now to rename so called ‘soft skills’!

We also explore ethical tech development, scaling Tech For Good and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the importance of STEAM, and what the future of work might look like - and regardless of this, how to develop the skills toolset and mindset to be best prepared. Look out for a new Quantum ambassador in the making too, 15 year old Tanya. Brilliant!

And we would love your thoughts on the episode too - thanks for listening! Sally, Carmen and the #TTT Team

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