"Power of One" Copywriting [from Mark Ford/Michael Masterson & Roy Furr]

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High-Velocity Copywriting

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It’s 1 of the 2 most powerful copywriting tips I got at my first AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp…

Michael Masterson (pen name of Mark Ford) gave a presentation on “The Power of One” in copywriting.

And it exposed a huge failure in how I wrote copy as a novice.

Before that, I just wanted to throw anything and everything against the wall, to see what stuck.

I piled on ALL the benefits, as early as possible.

I gave my prospects EVERYTHING, and figured they’d choose what was most important to them.

Nope, that’s not what good copywriters do… What GREAT copywriters do.

Great copywriters always use “The Power of One” to focus their thinking and their writing.

I explain how in today’s episode.

"Power of One" Copywriting [from Mark Ford/Michael Masterson & Roy Furr]

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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