Jenny Hagger, Founder and Director of the Australian House of Prayer for All

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Jenny Hagger

Jenny Hagger AM, is the Founder and Director of the Australian House of Prayer for All

Nations and its mercy ministry Mission World Aid. She is also the Founder of the South Australian Parliamentary Prayer Network and Founder and leader of Revival SA. Jenny is lead pastor of Father’s House, (formerly Kingsgate Hub) in Adelaide and is a member of the Australian Prophetic Council, the South Australian Prophetic Council, and the Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

Jenny oversees four houses of prayer: AHOPFAN at Aldgate in the Adelaide hills, the Lighthouse Prayer Tower in the city, Kingsgate Haven on Kangaroo Island and in May 2020 the South Pacific House of Prayer was birthed. Since 1990 Jenny has been building LASREC, AHOPFAN’s Strategic Library and Research Centre to equip watchmen in their calling. She is a recognized watchman to the nations and is on the International Council of the Global Watch.


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