Timothy Johnson, Author of The House, The House, The House, Part 2

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Brother Timothy is the founder and president of Where the Eagles Fly International, a network of churches and ministries spread accross North America.

Timothy has impacted lives through the ministry for over 30 years, travelling and speaking at revivals, camp meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada. Timothy has been on radio, television, podcasts and webcasts with very notable leaders. He sat on various panels addressing issues regarding the First Nations people.

Brother Timothy is recognized and honored as a Leader in many sectors and realms such as sports, emergency management, youth development, politics and law. He is sought as a guest speaker as his delivery is both dynamic and in-depth.

He comes along side leaders to aid, assist and undergird them where they may be wanting, lacking and coming behind. Standing in the power of his Sent-ness. Brother Timothy and his wife Hope have been married over 28 years and have 2 sons and 1 daughter.


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