An Expert Marketer With a Winning Formula

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Welcome back to the Fitness Franchise Podcast. In today's episode, Bryce Henson interviews Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owner and certified personal fitness trainer Tyler Savoy. Tyler has been a personal fitness trainer with 10+ years and over 15,000 hours of 1-on-1 personal training experience.

Since 2013, Tyler has built a highly successful multi-franchise fitness empire. He has an incredible amount of knowledge in marketing strategies and sales tactics and mentors gym owners across the country to grow a successful gym.

Tyler discusses the correlation between business growth and personal development, the personal habits of successful entrepreneurs, the best advice he's ever received, how to be a great marketer, the critical skills of successful selling, and so much more.

"You don't need to know how to execute every tactic, but you need to understand the overall marketing strategy and be a student of sales, influence, and persuasion." -Tyler Savoy

Here's what you don't want to miss:

  • 3:34 Recognizing the value of fitness and making it a career
  • 7:40 The importance of honing in your marketing and sales skills
  • 8:50 Transitioning from high-performing athletes to a new demographic of dedicated people
  • 10:00 Helping people overcome anxiety and build self-confidence
  • 12:35 The challenges Tyler overcame and lessons learned while growing a franchise
  • 14:00 How his ego held him back and what he would do different today
  • 16:30 How to run a successful franchise and the mistakes you'll face along the way
  • 18:22 The downside of hiring people out of desperation and spreading yourself too thin
  • 21:05 Opening your second location and how to stress-test the decision
  • 26:40 Where to start with marketing and generating leads for your team to create sales
  • 29:30 The importance of adding value at all levels and the skills you need to know
  • 34:37 Tyler's journey to becoming a business coach and connecting with other gym owners
  • 38:14 The signs of a successful gym owner and the importance of mentorship
  • 41:33 Significant challenges for most gym owners and how to overcome them
  • 43:00 The importance of a plan and how to take massive action to move the needle today

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