How Technology has Transformed Fitness

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Technology has taken over the fitness industry. Whether it’s used to market your gym, hold your members accountable, or to take online payments from clients, it’s pretty much the standard for any health-conscious person looking to get fit.

In today’s Fitness Franchise Podcast, Bryce Henson speaks with Mark Springer, co-founder of Avatar Nutrition, a total body transformation system that helps you eat for a life you love while gaining total control over your weight and body fat! Mark shares how he bootstrapped Avatar Nutrition, the importance of knowing your numbers in business, how to provide top-tier service to your clients, and so much more.

“The lessons that hurt the most are the ones you learn the best.” -Mark Springer

Here's what you don't want to miss:

  • 3:00 How Mark overcame his childhood obesity
  • 8:55 Post-college and getting into the fitness industry
  • 12:12 Writing out a business plan and applying what he learned from a book
  • 14:40 Bootstrapping a start-up and the hurdles along the way
  • 17:20 The importance of an operating agreement and buying out a partner
  • 20:00 Working with a CPA and knowing how to allocate money
  • 22:47 The power of flex dieting and building a technology platform
  • 27:20 The learning curve of an average user and breaking habits
  • 30:04 Tracking your diet and eating food that you enjoy
  • 35:00 Leveraging your critical thinking skills and returning to first-principles
  • 38:02 The two-piece puzzle to fitness and the part you’re missing
  • 41:53 Using technology to provide top-tier service to clients
  • 45:57 Why you should focus on being a client-centric business

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