#068 - Hospitality Meets Andrew Fishwick - The Passionate Business Facilitator

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What a corker we've got for you this week.

We got some time with the bundle of positive energy and influence that is Andrew Fishwick, CEO of Salt (www.worthoursalt.com) & The Pepper Collective (http://www.thepeppercollective.com).

We get through lots including Pitcher & Piano, cashing up in the olden days, similarities between hospitality and theatre, buying a pub, private equity, starting a marketing consultancy, the diversity of the client portfolio, the inner workings of Salt, working with creatives, fixing things, plugging in specialisms, blurring the lines, having fun in business, Phil taking 10%, Luck, setting up the win win, being omni channelled, sustainable business, the 3 P’s, Le Gavroche and of course Andrew's story so far.

Andrew is all action and chats with such vigour and energy that it's hard not jump on board. His story is another example of what is possible in this incredible industry.


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