Soaring as a Consultant Featuring Andrea Wright

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Andrea is the founder of CTP Solutions, LLC where she helps companies put their ideas into action by creating solutions to their process and training gaps.

We discuss:

  • Not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” [02:01]
  • The moment when you’re going to sink or swim [04:13]
  • The things you can do as a consultant that you can’t do as an employee [05:15]
  • Sometimes the problem is not really the problem [08:00]
  • The hardest part about going into a business for yourself [10:10]
  • The first thing to do when you’re going out on your own [13:12]
  • The people to surround yourself with so you don’t feel like you’re on an island [14:39]
  • Becoming a consultant mid to late in your career [15:40]
  • Building a product first versus trying to sell it first [16:36]
  • Building a team: start with the things that are the hardest [18:02]
  • How people you don’t know yet could be referrals for you later [19:02]

Andrea has over 20 years’ experience in coaching, training, facilitation, process development, strategic direction, and project management. She believes that how people communicate, how they interact as a team, how they address and solve problems together are all critical to achieving their desired outcomes. Andrea facilitates this understanding by guiding the organization in enhancing communication, establishing processes and protocols, and providing the strategies often needed to effectively operationalize those processes and assure their long-term success.

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