Oxalates: The Hidden Nemesis Behind Your Pelvic Pain

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In today’s episode I discuss the possibility that eating too many foods that are higher in oxalates may be causing your chronic pain and symptoms. I share with you the research, resources to investigate and give you recommendations for what you can do to start taking action to reduce your oxalate build up in your tissues and body.

If you are struggling with chronic pelvic pain or symptoms and desire a safe container to heal in, please check out The Pelvic Freedom Method Program. It is the program I wish I had during my own healing journey with pelvic pain. https://kellybradley.click/pelvic-freedom-method1

-How to be smarter with oxalate consumption...05:55

-What oxalates do to the body...08:10

-Symptoms and how oxalates might be preventing your body from healing...14:00

-Gut bacteria could help decrease oxalates...16:55

-How to successfully shift to a low oxalate diet...18:20

-High oxalate foods and their more healthy replacements...20:00

-Supplements that help reduce oxalates...26:45

-Kelly's issue with the raw vegan diet...27:55

-The importance of mindfulness and awareness in healing pelvic pain...29:20

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