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Welcome to episode 36. What feelings arise for you around the subject of cooking? I’ve found it to be one of those very polarising topics, and I am at the uncomfortable end of the spectrum for sure! The value judgements we put upon ourselves around food and feeding our loved ones can be so ingrained that we miss out on the rich opportunities cooking can bring for creativity and self-care. In this episode I talk about my experience trying out two new recipes from scratch, exploring my mindset blocks attached to the process and the ways I alleviate the stress so I can enjoy cooking as part of my happier life toolkit.

In this episode:

  • The pre-conceived ideas around cooking (often from our own childhood) that can hold us back from enjoying it in adult life.
  • Why cooking is a great way to connect with people and how we can make it a less stressful experience.
  • The realisation that cooking can be something we do on occasion, relieving the pressure to perform in the kitchen on a daily basis.
  • How giving ourselves permission to let go of the guilt surrounding food can lead to a more enjoyable time in the kitchen.

Recipes I mention in this episode:

Chicken Tagine - Cooking on a Bootstrap by Jack Monroe

Berry Bread Pudding – Cooking on a bootstrap by Jack Monroe


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