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Welcome to episode 28. Today I’m delving into the practice of journaling. If you’re looking for an easily accessible, highly effective and budget-friendly tool for your happiness toolkit, journaling could be for you! Grab yourself a notebook, a cup of tea and a nice pen and give it a try. In this episode I share my experience of writing a journal (something I’ve done for a while now) and the benefits it can bring if you’re feeling like the inside of your head is more circus than spa. Enjoy!

In this episode:

  • I share a few different journaling techniques to help you for different states of mind
  • Why journaling doesn’t need to be perfect or consistent to be beneficial
  • How identifying themes in your writing can help unlock the mindset blocks you may not have realised were holding you back.

Check out the gorgeous journaling kits and workshops available from Kimmy Drain at Nourishing Northern Mamas, mentioned in this episode.

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