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Welcome to episode 35. In today’s episode I’m talking about yoga. I have never committed to a weekly class, BUT it is an activity that I partake in frequently on my own terms and at my own pace, and this works really well for me. In this episode I illustrate how beneficial yoga can be to release tension, strengthen your body and give you the headspace you may desperately need to live a happier life.

In this episode:

  • How stretching your body can help you feel fitter, stronger and calmer.
  • Why some people may be put off by yoga and how to approach it if that’s you.
  • Resources and suggestions to help you find a practice that’s right for you.

The online yoga videos I use regularly can be found here:

Hips and lower back release:

Neck, shoulders and upper back:

Yoga for text neck:

And if you’re local to Manchester, Check out Kanti Yoga Studio mentioned in the episode:

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