Katherine Perry on Lunch with Randy & Teddy

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A native of Winston-Salem, Katherine Perry has dedicated most of her professional career to the non-profit sector across the state of North Carolina, including roles in public relations, development, volunteer management, event planning, and community engagement. Before assuming the role of Executive Director, Katherine served Leadership Winston-Salem as the Program Director from 2017 to 2021 and recently led the organization in its pivot to a virtual environment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the continued education and growth of community leaders. 1. Community engagement is the best way to expand your network and create meaningful relationships that will help you improve your community and provide opportunities for advancement. "I don't care what you know until I know that you care" *-LWS provides networking opportunities for alumni to connect on a personal level, make new friends, find support groups, as well as learn of other career paths (to name a few examples). 2. Community engagement goes a long way towards providing an example of your ability to work with diverse populations. Leaders that embrace these opportunities on boards and committees are likely to work with a diverse spectrum of people from different professional sectors and personal backgrounds. Working with people who have different perspectives than you is the best way to learn and grow and companies recognize this as a strength. 3. Both For and Non-Profits want employees that are committed to and immersed in their community to ensure longevity. Their investment in a new employee is for naught if they leave for greener pastures less than a year after being hired because they aren't connected to their community. 4. From a corporate perspective - community engagement is critical to being respected and trusted by your constituents/ members of the community. 5. Increasing your network by engaging in your community allows you to be a connector. This can catapult your worth in your community as well as within your network. The ability to make connections between people with resources and community opportunities is an invaluable skill/ resource. 6. Community engagement is a great way to facilitate positive change. If you love your job but loathe your community, you will likely leave. Changing jobs means having to start over again building equity with your employer and your community. "Bloom where you are planted!"

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