Terri Cummings and Danielle Rose on Lunch Conversations with Randy & Teddy - 7/14/21

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1 - Work-based learning has different meanings and applications within organizations. What does it mean to you and your organization? 2 - What benefits come with completing a work-based learning program? 3 - How does an employer benefit from work-based learning? 4 - When talking about work-based learning, we also use the term experiential learning. What is this and who can benefit? 5 - How can work-based learning impact upward economic mobility? 6 - Tell us about your programs. - Danielle apprenticeships and Terri internships 7 - How can individuals and businesses get involved? Danielle works as the Apprenticeship Coordinator at Forsyth Technical Community College. She oversees LEAP@ForsythTech (Learn and Earn Apprenticeship Program) and the Toyota TTEN statewide apprenticeship program, which are both registered apprenticeship programs for which Forsyth Tech is the sponsor. Danielle serves as the Forsyth County Goodwill Business Advisory Council chair and was named a 2019 Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce “Top Leader Under 40”. Terri Cummings is the VP of Talent & Workforce at Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. Her background includes 13+ years of HR operations, leadership, and workforce development experience in industries such as service, construction, manufacturing, and non-profit.

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