Cycling the harbourfront with Martin Turner

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A new study commissioned by the Development Bureau will re-open the idea of harbourfront cycling - but will the government approach rise above its past failed attempts to connect the city's harbour with bikes? We chat with Martin Turner, chairman of the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, on harbour cyclingh, design processes, shared bikes and the oppresive "pleasureground" regulations which stop almost all the fun!

00:58 Interview start | 01:25 DevB study | 03:53 2009 study | 04:34 Connectivity | 06:27 Mode share and ferries | 07:37 Space | 08:44 Segmentation | 11:09 Kai Tak and shared use | 14:57 Harbourfront cycle ride | 17:12 LCSD and pleasuregrounds | 18:38 Cycling parks | 21:41 Shared bikes | 23:44 17km stretch | 26:19 Cycle walking | 27:19 Global best practice | 28:55 NGO relationship with govt

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