Ferry ferry smart! Transforming HK's ferries with Abraham Leung

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Hong Kong's new "water taxi" is attracting some derision for its once-weekly fixed route - but how did we end up with this strange service after the great promise of the water taxi concept? Mobility expert Dr Abraham Leung, a post-doc researcher with Griffith University in Brisbane, grew up in Hong Kong and has a lot of insight into how the city could develop a ferry service to rival mass transit or bus routes.

01:07 | Interview start

01:39 | Water taxi

02:09 | Linear vs point model

03:30 | Ferry vs bus

05:15 | Subsidy models

08:23 | Boosting ferry mode

12:12 | Developing linear modes

15:51 | Multimodal ferry connection

20:02 | Environment

20:55 | Hybrid

23:42 | Harbour development

24:05 | Ferries and covid

24:30 | Mobility as a service

26:49 | Water taxi woes p[t 2

27:53 | Pier development

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