Are You Like King Saul or King David? | #1253

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Solemnity of Christ the King (C)

God chose Saul to be the first king of Israel, but he felt inadequate. First he ran away and hid. Then he tried to make himself look good. God chose David to be the second king of Israel. David also knew he was unworthy but he trusted God to help him.

A recent survey of US Bishops and priests reveals that many priests think their Bishop is more administrator than shepherd. Perhaps many Bishops feel inadequate so they try to make themselves look good. Others, however, see themselves as humble stewards of a gift they don't deserve.

Parents find themselves in a similar situation. Do they run away and hide, try to make themselves look good, or become humble stewards who trust in God's power? We know that no one is more powerful than Jesus. He doesn't run away and hide. He doesn't try to "save himself." He humbly submits to God's holy will. When we feel inadequate or unworthy, we should humbly serve in our King.

(20 Nov 2022)

Going Deeper: When or how have you tried to run away and hide or make yourself look good? What would David have done in the same situation?

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