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Small Business Wakeup Call is a twice-weekly podcast where “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda”, Lonnie Sciambi, and friend and business partner, “The Family Business Doc”, Stan Simkins, join forces to help small business owners with valuable tips and get them thinking and acting in ways they hadn’t about their business that will drive more success. This hard-hitting guidance and wisdom is based on their collective experience with their own businesses and their broad-based client business experiences. No lectures, no cookie cutter solutions, but war stories that illustrate takeaways that are invaluable and applicable to most businesses. They guarantee that you will learn things you didn’t know, make you laugh about things you can relate to, and maybe even make you uncomfortable a time or two. They already took the hits. They can help you avoid the landmines of small business ownership. Plus, they'll tell you about their unique virtual roundtables that you might be interested in. Come join them on this journey to help you gain more financial success and personal freedom. Email them at with any feedback, questions, or recommendations.

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