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Not long ago, and as part of pride month, we spoke with CSS vice president Bryan Belmont about pride and the importance of being not just a leader, but an ally. During our conversation, Brian revealed a very personal and important connection to the LGBTQI community, and how that relationship continues to teach him not only how to be an ally, but how it has informed his approach to management, and his relationships with the people he works with. It was a surprising, moving and hopeful talk about the hard stuff of family, and of how to connect with colleagues while honoring boundaries. And it was about the importance of asking questions and listening, and what leadership can do to make everyone feel safe and valued at Microsoft. It's a talk that everyone can learn from, whether you're part of the LGBTQI community, an ally, or someone who just wants to understand your colleagues. Take a listen. I'm guessing it will stay with you for a while.

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