Ep 18 How to Effectively Use Email and SMS Capture Pop-Ups to Grow Your Customer Lists with Csaba Zajdo

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Website pop-ups are so popular because they’re still the most effective way to capture leads. When you create meaningful and relevant pop-ups that show the right message to the right people at the right moment, your conversion rates could top 40%. Website pop-ups are more reliable for keeping in touch with your visitors, especially when you capture their SMS numbers for direct marketing.

In this episode, Ramin Ramhormozi and Csaba Zajdo talk about effectively using email and SMS capture pop-ups to grow your customer lists. Despite popular belief, pop-ups don’t impact your site speed. In the same way as your email marketing, your pop-ups should be personal and highly-targeted pop-ups for maximum engagement. They also talk about using A/B testing to ensure you’re finding the right message for your customers - otherwise, you risk leaving money on the table. Csaba’s best advice on ad spend? If you spend at least $100 on any ad campaign, the best ROI comes if you create a separate landing page and pop-up for that ad.

Topics Include:

  • Trojan Horse strategy - 20% conversion rate email, 15-17% conversion rate SMS
  • The secret to high converting pop-ups
  • Pop-ups don’t affect your site speed
  • How often you should use A/B testing
  • How to use re-engagement and welcome back messages
  • Pop-ups are more reliable at keeping in touch with visitors
  • Treat your SMS list as your VIP customers
  • How small- and medium-sized businesses can add personalization to their websites
  • The integrations available for Shopify and Klaviyo
  • Why you should get into highly targeted lead generation
  • Optimize and personalize your pop-ups for higher conversion rates on lead capture forms
  • And other topics...

Csaba Zajdo is the founder and CEO of OptiMonk. As an eCommerce veteran, Csaba has over 15 years of experience in working with eCommerce stores. His mission is to reinvent eCommerce and help stores by creating a better onsite user journey experience. Csaba is also the founder of Innonic, a startup studio, which builds world-class companies, and invests into early-stage startups.

Resources Mentioned:

Be sure to check out episode 17 How to Increase Retention Rates in E-Commerce with Valentin Radu - CEO of Omniconvert: https://youtu.be/hmXbBfN3uAk

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