Hasselborg makes GSOC history ft. Mike Harris

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The Princess Auto Players’ Championship has wrapped up in Toronto and Kevin and Warren share their thoughts on Anna Hasselborg and Bruce Mouat’s big wins with Team Hasselborg becoming the first women's club to win all four majors. The world mixed doubles championship begins this weekend, Warren highlights the favourites and Kevin explains why it’s great to have a variety of countries playing in the event.

Hot Rocks Topic: A junior mixed doubles tournament is taking place in Sweden and the guys wonder why there isn’t a world junior mixed doubles championship and what more can be done to grow the discipline.

Our Mailbag is filling up with questions on what to do with the residency rules and the guys weigh in on why it needs to change.

Sportsnet curling analyst and 1998 Olympic silver medallist Mike Harris is our guest this week to share his thoughts on the Princess Auto Players’ Championship, why Team Homan needed to make a lineup change, the advanced software system British Curling has set up to analyze their games for high-performance teams plus the distinct challenges facing Canadian teams with national coaching.

Mike also shares his picks for the world mixed doubles championship, why he’s riding with Canada’s Brett Gallant and Jocelyn Peterman, what more Canada can do for mixed doubles and why Italy winning Olympic gold was great for the growth of the game.

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