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The world men’s curling championship is in full swing in Las Vegas and Kevin brings us up to speed on the latest live from the Orleans Arena. Kevin and Warren also discuss some of the surprises and explain the tricky ice conditions. The guys also review the latest curling team breakups including Team McEwen and why the Mike McEwen and Reid Carruthers dynamic didn’t work out.

Our Hot Rocks Topic takes aim at the draw shot challenge as Canada continues to struggle once again despite it being such a critical part of the game when it comes to breaking ties. We also answer another question about curling statistics in our Mailbag segment and Warren tells us about the history of the men’s worlds in Story Time.

Our guest this week is Jon Killoran, who is the CEO of the Reno-Tahoe Winter Games coalition that has hosted curling events in Las Vegas. Killoran shares with us how his group has managed to pull it off, the impact curling has had in Las Vegas, the growth of winter sports in general in a non-traditional market, and what other committees can do in order to host similar successful events.

This podcast is produced by Amil Delic and Warren Hansen, recorded and mixed by Mike Rogerson, and hosted by Kevin Martin, Warren Hansen, and Jim Jerome. Production support by Jonathan Brazeau and Griffin Porter.

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rogers Sports & Media or any affiliates.

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