FRESH Takes on the Future of Work with Cynthia Patterson

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On today’s episode of FRESH Takes On The Future Of Work, host Jess Podgajny is joined by Cynthia Patterson. Together Jess and Cynthia discuss the importance of empathy and openness to change and challenge within the future of work. Additionally, they share their opinions on how companies should rethink how they operate and take measures to combat burnout, set realistic output goals, and adopt a more employee-centric approach for the future of work.

With May being Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are excited to have Cynthia join us to share her background as an Asian American and the work that she has been doing on the people side of business. Cynthia is a progressive people leader, working in industries including retail, health care, and software. She is also a member of the advisory board for Lluna, where she provides her keen insights and passion for people and technology.

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