John Beaton - Founder, Director & Co-Visionary of Fairhaven Farm

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John and Emily Beaton have created a multi-enterprise farming business in Northeastern Minnesota near Duluth and the shores of Lake Superior. They founded Fairhaven Farm with a spirit of community building, a focus on soil health, and a desire to see a thriving local food system.

They sell starter plants each spring for home gardeners, grow food for over 50 families through their CSA program, and are launching a new Pizza Farm enterprise where the couple will serve wood-fired pizzas on the farm featuring all locally sourced ingredients—including fresh tomatoes and vegetables right from their field!

"We're kind of carrying on a tradition of the previous owners of our farm, a wonderful woman, her name is Linda. That's who we bought our farm from. And when she had the farm, she had Grassroots Farm, that was the name. And she was heavily into grassroots organizing, organizing around social issues and seeing the farm, the act of growing your own food and sharing that food with others as kind of a solution to many of the ill-effects of capitalism and scarcity and supply and demand, all these things that drive our culture and our society. I think a lot of times people struggle with trying to find solutions."

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