How Playing a Game Can Get You Wealthy - George Ishee

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Unplug from the world and plug-in!

Today, Jackie talks with George Ishee, creator of Millionaires by George. Join the conversation as they discuss how beliefs are the key to playing the games that lead to wealth.

What if bringing your dreams to life is fun?

Grab your pen and notebook as you listen to:

- [06:45] The six inches that lead to success

- [10:00] The game that teaches kids to be financially independent

- [14:55] How small simple steps can make you wealthy

- [15:10] How you can rewrite subconscious blocks in less than 30 days

- [20:00] Why you don’t have to know the HOW, beyond the next step

Take the next step! Listen in to find out how making decisions opens the doorway to FUN!

To learn more about George, the game that makes wealth building fun, and stay in the conversation, visit the links below.

Millionaires by George: https://MillionairesByGeorge




About Jackie:

Jackie Simmons writes and speaks on the leading-edge thinking around mindset, money, and the neuroscience that drives success.

Jackie believes it’s our ability to remain calm and focused in the face of change and chaos that sets us apart as leaders. Today, we’re dealing with more change and chaos than any other generation.

It’s taking a toll and Jackie’s not willing for us to pay it any longer.

Jackie uses the lessons learned from her own and her clients’ success stories to create programs that help you build the twin muscles of emotional resilience and emotional intelligence so that your positivity shines like a beacon, reminding the world that it’s safe to stay optimistic.

TEDx Speaker, Multiple International Best-selling Author, Mother to Three Girls, Grandmother to Four Boys, and Partner to the Bravest, Most Loyal Man in the World.

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