Tarot Thoughts - The Hierophant Is Queer

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The Hierophant Is Queer

In the grand tradition of reclaiming that which oppressed us, the hierophant is queer.

Sure - as a queer person you might have a love/hate relationship with this card. When it represents institutions, religious dogma, imposed boundaries, conditioned group-think bias, peer pressure to be “right”, father figures who set and demand obedience - sure, it’s a dick.

So consider the strength and resilience the hierophant represents in context of the HIV/AIDS crisis:

  • Hospitals, clinics, scientists
  • Faith, spiritual guidance
  • Advocacy (Larry Kramer, Sylvia Rivera, Liz Taylor)
  • ACT UP
  • GenX & prior act as hierophants to younger generations of queer folx because of this lived experience
  • Pose: Prey was a hierophant and a high priestess…

The hierophant also furthers the idea of the queer daddy figure. She’s the butch dyke, they’re the NB Jeffrey Marsh. And the those who continue to change the rules in our queer image like Billy Porter.

Culturally the queerophant has precedence and power. Look to the spiritual practices of first and indigenous people.

You’ve shaped the world and its cultures for centuries. Whether you were guiding the extended family or as their fear turned that guidance into control and oppression.

The queer hierophant is all things that oppress and free us. And it’s a deeper spiritual connection to being queer.


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