Called to Preach (2)

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Romans 10:14-17 — In the sermon on Romans 10:14–17 titled “Called to Preach (2),” Dr. Lloyd-Jones elaborates on the qualities that make a good preacher. He dives into an equally important discussion: how does a person know if he’s called to preach? Reading from this passage, he answers this question by reiterating the biblical definition of a preacher. He says that a preacher is one of God’s ordained ways to spread the good news, for how can people believe without first hearing? But how does a person know if he’s being called? Dr. Lloyd-Jones says that person may feel a pressure they cannot shake, an inclination toward a certain notion. Second, he says that the person must feel a burden for the souls of men and women. It is not enough for a man to want to speak in front of the congregation. This person must also care deeply about the spirits of those to whom he ministers. Lastly, in accordance with the person’s burden for the souls of men and women, the man must be willing to preach the gospel. He must live for it, Dr. Lloyd-Jones says. He must be willing to preach the facts of the good news: Christ’s redemptive death on the cross and the incredible salvation that comes through faith.

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