Did God Reject His People?

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Romans 11:1-4 — Has God cast away the Jewish people? After several passages concerning the fate of the Jewish nation, in this sermon on Romans 11:1–4 titled “Did God Reject His People?” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones unfolds how Paul asks this question and then follows his answers with several pieces of evidence. Paul says that there is no way the Lord has cast out His chosen people because Paul himself is an Israelite. Paul is saying this not just as a nationalist or proselyte, but he shows his historical lineage which proves he is of Jewish descent. It is possible that some Jews will be saved because Paul was saved. There are a large majority of Jews that do not believe the true gospel. God did not cast them all away because He foreknew them. This means that God foreordained them and knew that they would be believing Christians. The Jews were a group of people that God took special interest in and had a special affection for. Israel was set apart by God for a purpose. If God cast them out, this would mean that God changed His mind and Christians know that the Lord does not change His mind as it is not part of His character.

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