Doctrine and Practice

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Romans 10:1-21 — Doctrine and practice must not be separated. This seemingly simple truth has a great impact on how Christians live and seek to obey Christ. In this sermon on Romans 10:1–21 titled “Doctrine and Practice,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones expounds on the apostle Paul’s doctrine of the Christian life in all its glory and weightiness. Out of the great truths of justification by faith, predestination, and perseverance comes a view of the life that is grounded in the person and work of Christ. Christians must seek to trust God and His providence. They must be faithful to the command to evangelize and seek to love their neighbors as themselves. They must also be aware of the danger to intellectualize Christianity at the expense of practice. Some say things such as, “If God is sovereign, why pray?” or “If God elects, why evangelize?” However, Dr. Lloyd-Jones warns not to try to use vain logic to understand God, but rather read Scripture faithfully and submit to all of God’s teaching. How then does doctrine relate to practice? The answer is that doctrine informs how God desires His people to live as new creatures in Christ Jesus.

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