Faith and Obedience

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Romans 10:16-17 — In Romans 10:16–17, Paul explains that for a person to come to faith, they must hear the good news. But what comes after receiving faith? In this sermon on Romans 10:16–17 titled “Faith and Obedience,” Dr. Lloyd-Jones answers this question affirmatively by pointing to the early church in Paul’s time. After faith, a change was expected in the believers. They could no longer participate in idol worship or immoral rituals. Dr. Lloyd-Jones says that they must submit themselves to the gospel with obedience. A good test to see whether or not a person really has faith is to look at their actions. Are they changed after believing or do they give, as Dr. Lloyd-Jones calls it, “intellectual assent”? These are people who merely acknowledge the gospel as the truth but do nothing to back it up. They never left behind worldly habits and practices. But Dr. Lloyd-Jones points out that as James said, faith without works is dead. Obedience shows faith and faith encourages obedience. In closing this sermon on obedience, he extends the message of salvation, reminding believers and unbelievers alike of the joy found within.

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