Glory Begun Below

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Romans 5:1-2 — The apostle Paul saw the glory of God when he was on his way to persecute Christ’s church. In this sermon titled “Glory Begun Below,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaches this powerful sermon from Romans 5:1–2 which shows that it is the risen Christ who appeared to Paul and changed him from a Pharisee persecuting the church to a follower of Christ. When anyone sees the glory of God, they are transformed and made new, just as the apostle Paul. How does one see this glory? While today’s Christians do not have experiences as the apostles did, God still shows His glory in this life through many of His everyday graces. The glory of God is encountered while experiencing the grace of God at regeneration. But ultimately, the glory of God will be seen on the last day when the Christian’s salvation is brought to completion. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is emphatic that salvation is a process that ends when the Christian is made like Christ, purged of all sin and made pure by His glory. The question that all must all ask is this: “have we experienced this glory?” If the listener has not, this sermon brings the most important message for this life.

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