Glory in Tribulation

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Romans 5:5 — What is the place of tribulation in the life of the Christian? Often times, people see hardships as nothing more than obstacles to their happiness and joy. They see no deeper purpose in the hardships. But in this sermon titled “Glory in Tribulation” on Romans 5:5, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones shows how Scripture paints a different picture of what hardships are about. For those that trust in God and who have His Holy Spirit, suffering is a means of becoming more like Jesus Christ. It is a means of deepening and strengthening one’s faith in God and to grow in holiness. As Christians go through these trials, they come to a greater assurance of who they are in Christ. So then, there is great hope for those that suffer as followers of Christ. This sermon holds out a great hope for all who are in the midst of trials and tribulations because it displays how Christ is working in His people in and through life’s hardships. This sermon is a call for all to repent of their sins and come to Jesus. It is a call to return to God the Creator and seek His glory. This is the only life of true and lasting joy.

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