Glorying in God

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Romans 5:10-11 — Is the Christian finding glory in God? Is He their delight? In this sermon on Romans 5:10–11, Paul has already confirmed that salvation is assured in Christ Jesus and so this means the Christian should have joy in Christ Jesus and what He has done. Christians should glory both in their salvation and in God as the giver of salvation. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones goes as far as to say that true Christian faith always leads to glorying in God. He states that things such as trusting in oneself rather than God, failure to mediate on the things of God, and not reasoning with Scripture could all be causes for a failure to properly glory in God. Not glorying in God is a sign of unbelief and a sin and unbelief is the chief of all sins. A Christian should be in constant examination of themselves to ensure that they are always glorying in Christ. All self-examination should lead to rejoicing.

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