Hearing of Faith

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Romans 10:16-17 — How is a person saved? Is it through just hearing the gospel or is it through faith? The debate is a theological divide in the Christian church. In this sermon on Romans 10:16–17 titled “Hearing of Faith,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones gives firm biblical grounding in salvation that comes not just by hearing, but by faith in Christ and His sacrifice on the cross. Dr. Lloyd-Jones says that there are two types of hearing: hearing that falls on the ears and hearing that moves a person to believe. Quoting the words of Isaiah, he reveals that this has always been the case. Not every person who hears believes. It was the same in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and today. Dr. Lloyd-Jones points out that this is an example of divine inspiration in Scripture. In a relatable “church goer” example, Dr. Lloyd-Jones reviews the elements needed for a person to hear the gospel with faith. That person’s heart must be opened by God and they must then trust in Christ’s redeeming death on the cross. To convey this incredible truth, Dr. Lloyd-Jones draws on other examples from the New Testament that embody and proclaim this faith today.

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