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Romans 2:17-24 — There is no difference between the Jews and Gentiles. No one is saved based on heritage or works. But with this sermon on Romans 2:17-24 about wrath and condemnation, the Jews were hypocritically stirring up excuses of why they were not subject to the judgement Paul was preaching. Paul carefully eliminated any excuse and showed how no one is righteous and all will be subject to wrath. Preaching on hypocrisy, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones exposes the conduct of a hypocrite: complacent, never examining themselves, preaching to others but not themselves, and criticizing others but not themselves. It is not enough to hear God’s word; one must also apply the truth and be humbled by it. This will produce an inward change. In the second half of the message, Dr. Lloyd-Jones discusses the Jews’ last resort excuse of circumcision. Paul carefully outlined that those who rely on this outward sign are missing the point that God only cares about the inward sign of true change and repentance. Circumcision is pointless unless it also comes with a changed heart. Let the Christian not rely on nationality, outward signs, or misguided truths but always be in humble adoration of a Lord that provided a way for salvation from wrath.

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