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Romans 11:1-36 — In this sermon on Romans 11:1–36 titled “Introduction,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones urges the listener to lay aside prejudices and traditions and to come to God’s word in an attitude of reverence. All Scripture is the very word of God. The major themes of this chapter are salvation, faith, and the people of Israel. While there are many differing interpretations of this passage, we still must never approach Scripture in an overly intellectual manner that causes only debates and divisions. God’s word is given to build up the church and strengthen the believer’s faith. Paul is concerned that the church in Rome and, by inclusion, all Christians should come to a proper understanding of God and His salvation that He has given in Christ. Dr. Lloyd-Jones addresses questions such as what is the relation between Jew and Gentile, what is the future of the Jewish people, and what does it mean to be justified by faith? All these questions have immense significance for the Christian life and the life of the church. Christianity and theology is not simply about abstract intellectual ideas but it is about knowing God.

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