Jesus is Lord (2)

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Romans 10:9-10 — In this sermon on Romans 10:9–10 titled “Jesus is Lord (2),” the question is asked: who is Jesus? The answer in Scripture is that Jesus is Lord. The writers of holy Scripture tell that Jesus is far more than a human teacher; He is God’s anointed and the long-awaited Messiah that has been promised in the Old Testament. What does it mean that Jesus is Lord? As Lord, Jesus is worthy of all praise and trust. Jesus has come to fulfill all that God promised and He is God’s Son. The Christian must believe that Jesus is who He says He is, not simply who they want Him to be. This is important today because many say that Jesus is nothing more than a mere man who teaches people how to live and others say that Jesus is simply a man of faith. But Scripture is clear that Jesus was a real man, God in the flesh, who had come to die for the sins of the world. What does it matter if one says that Jesus is Lord or not? According to God’s Word, everything depends on who one says that Jesus is. If one confesses that Jesus is Lord they will be saved, but if they reject Him, they reject the only way of salvation.

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