Judged According to Truth

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Romans 2:1 — It is easy to identify sin in other people but rationalize one’s own sin. That is the very problem of the Jews that Paul explains in this sermon on Romans 2:1. Titled “Judged According to Truth”, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones warns the listener to be careful passing judgement on others because the same measure will be used on them. Dr. Lloyd-Jones walks through the condemnation of sin and how this gospel applies to everyone. Both the Jews and the Gentiles are without excuse and in danger of God’s wrath. Severe sins may be explained in the law and yet one may feel that condemnation does not apply to them since they are not “that bad.” Instead Paul warns that God’s judgement is always based on truth and His standard never changes. No one can measure up to that standard on their own and it is only by the gospel that Paul is preaching that can save and Christ brought that salvation. Instead of putting the condemnation on others and their sin, each should turn their own eyes to the truth of the Lord and make sure they are always aligning their truth with God’s truth.

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