Judicial Blindness

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Romans 11:7-10 — The passages in Scripture that refer to God hardening someone’s heart or blinding them to the truth can be confusing. This can be a troubling passage and topic for many people because it often leads to more questions than answers. In this sermon on Romans 11:7–11 titled “Judicial Blindness,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones provides helpful answers and a good starting point for people wrestling through this issue. Dr. Lloyd-Jones refers to this blinding as a “judicial blindness” where God ceases striving. There are many instances recorded in Scripture where God removed His control and allowed negative things to happen so that people would learn. Yet there is a step beyond this when sometimes God is even said to harden someone’s heart. Those who are hardened and blinded are unable to do or believe anything outside of their current state. Is this a punishment or is it at random? Dr. Lloyd-Jones provides his opinion for how this progresses — in short, that disobedience against God leads naturally to the hardening of the person’s heart. Ultimately, he says, the doctrine of election makes sense of this topic that can be so difficult to navigate. Listen as he guides the listener through this challenging passage.

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