Love That Produces Salvation

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Romans 5:6-8 — It is the kindness of God that leads His people to salvation. That kindness and love of God is evident throughout the book of Romans as Dr. Lloyd-Jones continues proclaiming its truth in this sermon on Romans 5:6-8. Christ’s love ensures the finality of salvation. It is easy to point out that most people do not truly understand the riches they have in salvation because of Christ’s love since all are sinful people. In the sermon “Love That Produces Salvation,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones breaks down Romans 5:6–8 and shares just how much Christians have received because of Christ’s love for His people. The first realization of this love is that Christ Himself produced and created salvation before the foundation of the earth was made. A second realization is that Christ not only came to the earth, but He also chose to die and bear God’s wrath in humanity’s place. Finally, the listener needs to consider the type of people that benefit from that salvation. These people are not wonderful, good-natured people; they are full of sin and completely undeserving. They are weak and incapable of doing anything that would warrant salvation, and this alone proves that the Lord loved His own enough to save them Himself.

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