None Righteous

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Romans 2:13-15 — There are a few people in the Old Testament that were considered righteous but had never heard the gospel. How can this be? In the sermon titled “None Righteous,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains Romans 2:13–15 where Paul is careful to point out that they were not considered justified by the law, since no one can keep the law, but that they were a kind of people who knew the commandments of God and followed ordinances given by God. Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains that these individuals understood that the ordinances given by God were the only way to approach the Lord and have their sins forgiven. They were not “good” pagans or “noble” philosophers, nor were they like so many who were not only hearers of the word. These Old Testament saints were doers of the word, whose faith was not in the law but in the Giver of the law. Philosophies, knowledge, and good works do nothing in the eyes of Christ if He is not truly known. Paul elaborates this in the second section of the passage by openly expressing how many Jews were guilty of hypocrisy. All are condemned and subject to God’s wrath, even the Jews who were given the law of the Lord. The Jews who relied on their possession of the law for salvation were severely misguided.

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