Preaching and Salvation

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Romans 10:14-17 — In this sermon on salvation from Romans 10:14–17 titled “Preaching and Salvation,” Dr. Lloyd-Jones dives into some of the fundamental questions of Christianity: How does one receive salvation? What is the eternal position of those who have not heard? How should the gospel be preached? These questions are important to faith and occur frequently in the mind of the believer. They may be a prevailing source of uncertainty or perhaps doubt. But Dr. Lloyd-Jones quenches these points of uncertainty by focusing on this passage and the interpretation of Paul’s discourse. He goes back to the basics, proclaiming that salvation comes to those who cry out to the Lord. Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains the dynamic role of preaching and says that it is important because, as Paul writes, believing comes through hearing the good news. The world today is filled with doubt regarding the path to heaven. Is Christ the only way? Dr. Lloyd Jones answers this by drawing upon Scripture and other Christian theologians and shedding light onto the unbeliever’s path, specifically those who have never heard the gospel. Are they beyond the reach of salvation? Listen as Dr. Lloyd-Jones returns to the Christian fundamentals. Hear the good news preached again and be reminded of God’s sovereign power and incredible love.

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