Righteousness by Law

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Romans 10:5 — The Jews have continued to believe that their actions, mainly their dedication to keeping the law, is what justifies them. The Jews have misunderstood the law and its purpose. Because of this, Paul is laying to rest this foolish thinking once again. In this sermon on Romans 10:5 titled “Righteousness by Law,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones shares how Paul is essentially saying that even Moses said that those who attempt to live by their actions will also be judged by their actions. He points out that the Jews were ignorant of God’s righteousness, ignorant of their own abilities, and thus have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God. Paul continues to emphasize the doctrine of justification by faith only. There is not one thing in the process of salvation that has to do with a person; it is entirely a matter of God’s free sovereign choice. If the Jews want to live by their actions to the law, then Paul says they must keep the whole law. One is not able to only keep certain laws. If even one law is broken, they have failed completely. Dr. Lloyd-Jones reminds that no one wants to live under that kind of rule and reign and Christians should be thankful of the Lord’s work in them, breaking them free from the law.

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