Standing in Grace

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Romans 5:1-2 — What does it mean to stand in the grace of God? The apostle Paul writes that all who believe are no longer under the power of sin and death, but are now in God’s grace. In this sermon on Romans 5:1–2 titled “Standing in Grace,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones expounds on this great declaration. He says that to be in God’s grace is to be justified before God. It is to be in the family of God. All whom God saves, He secures and grants perseverance. This is the blessing of justification, peace, and security with God through Christ. And through the Holy Spirit the Christian is sanctified. All of this is a result of the Christian being justified by faith. All believers ought to strive to have a full assurance that they have been redeemed in Christ and are now indwelt by the Holy Spirit. The Christian now boldly approaches God because they are His children and heirs. They do not live in fear of punishment, for they are wholly in Christ Jesus. This sermon on the glories of salvation causes all to ask the question: “do I believe? Have I been transferred out of the kingdom of darkness into the family of God?”

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