The Blood of Jesus Christ

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Romans 3:25 — The Old Testament proclaims the need for a savior. Even the Jews knew to look for a messiah. By saying “in his blood,” Paul is alluding to the Old Testament practice of animal sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. Prior to Christ’s sacrifice, believers would have to sacrifice a clean animal in order for their sins to be blotted out. The blood of the animal is what deemed their sins forgiven, meaning that the death of the animal was necessary. The term “blood” is used to bring this teaching in line with the whole teaching of the Old Testament. In this sermon about “The Blood of Jesus Christ” from Romans 3:25, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones reminds that any interpretation of the New Testament should never contradict the teaching of the Old Testament. In contrast, Paul is now saying that blood means life rather than death. Since the Jews only thought of life in regards to a body, Christ’s sacrifice now shows that the blood He poured out means life. The Jews had to find an animal to be their substitute, but now God Himself has made Christ the substitute once and for all. In this sermon, Dr. Lloyd-Jones encourages rejoicing in the blood of Christ because He has paid the ransom.

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