The Case of the Jews

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Romans 10:18-21 — Did the apostle Paul really claim that the gospel had been proclaimed throughout the world? What could he have meant by such a statement? What about the Jews and how can he claim that the majority of Jews have not obeyed the gospel? Did most of them hear the gospel preached? Some would protest and think that Paul was obviously mistaken. In this sermon on Romans 10:18–21 titled “The Case of the Jews,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones looks at the connection between the Old Testament anticipation of the coming Messiah and the large-scale rejection of Jesus Christ by the Jews and also during Paul’s day. By interpreting Scripture with Scripture, Dr. Lloyd-Jones demonstrates how the Jewish people should have known about the suffering Messiah from their own Scriptures. The New Testament often assumes the clarity of the gospel in the Old Testament and yet there is a blindness to the clear teaching. The gospel from the apostle Paul was not a message that should be hidden from the masses. There was no hint of a “mystery religion” where only a select few knew the right details in order to be “initiated.” Dr. Lloyd-Jones contends that God was taking the gospel message through appointed apostles, prophets and preachers so that it would be heard by everyone, everywhere.

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