The Condition of The Heart

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Romans 10:9-10 — Why do some people demand that society must be more tolerant while simultaneously being intolerant of Christianity? Some even say that they believe in Jesus, yet scoff at the doctrine of repentance, saying that modern humanity needs a more intellectual message for today’s world. In this sermon on Romans 10:9–10 titled “The Condition of the Heart,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones confronts the notion that confessing Jesus as Lord is only an intellectual action and shows that true belief in Christ is one that affects the whole personality. By analyzing the book of Romans, one is able to see that the unbelief of a person cannot be broken by intellectual argument because the intellect has been darkened by the condition of the heart. Dr. Lloyd-Jones reminds that one’s condition before salvation hated God and that hatred controlled their thoughts towards God. One’s words reveal the condition of the heart, and out of the mouth is what reveals whether or not one truly believes in Christ. If the listener is struggling to know what true belief is, this sermon will help them analyze Scripture and apply it to their life.

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