The Faith of God Without Effect?

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Romans 3:3 — If God forgives sin, then why stop? That is the question asked of the preacher since Paul wrote the book of Romans. In the sermon from Romans 3:3 titled “The Faith of God Without Effect?”, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones outlines three arguments that explain how critical repentance is to true saving faith and how that faith leads believers away from a life of entrenched sin. Dr. Lloyd-Jones, preaching about the faithfulness of God, asks: “Did Israel’s unfaithfulness do away with all of the value they had because they had the oracles of God? If the failure of the Jews makes God look more glorious, then why does God punish them? If our sin makes God’s grace and mercy that much greater, then would it not make sense to sin even more?” As Dr. Lloyd-Jones answers these critical arguments, he also reminds the listener that when they test a view of the Lord and His word, they should ask if that view glorifies God. If the answer causes one to question or doubt God in all His faithfulness, righteousness and power, then the view is wrong.

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